See your customers with Unique Cognitive Insights

Take a deeper look into your customers journey with Cognitive Insights. Manage your company knowledge data driven and ensure the best CX.

360 degree visibility into the effectiveness of your customer experience and customer service.

Understand the Automation that
customers need, from RPA to complexity of dialogue needed.

Peel back and see the layers of your contact drivers.

Knowledge Quality Assessment.

Corrective actions needed.

Monitoring of real time changes.

Take action with Instant Cognitive Engine

Automate your customer support with Cognitive Engine powered scaleable dialogue based self service.

Scaleable Dialogue based self service. Start at any scale fast, minimal set-up, no long enterprise implementations (decision trees etc.).

Unparalleled Success rates that reduce ticket volume significantly or converts sales.

FAST, quick to implement, simple to use, results almost immediate.

Ensures you know where to focus to self serve your customers.

Builds smart self-service ready knowledge from nothing or legacy knowledge at scale.

Any channel, any language, any customer facing knowledge base.

Unique patented and award winning AI powered knowledge creation and predictive dialogues. Knows where to focus, no more complex decision trees.

Kare is More effective by every measure.
Move on or use Kare with your existing solution, today FREE.

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Convert instructions into dialogue
Find locked down knowledge fast
Reduce bounce rates
Increase CSAT

Increase conversion


Pre / post login:
Educate to convert
Increase usage

Guide to conversion
Reduce friction

Slash your handle time


Prepare customer data for agents
Reduce resolution time
Understand customers
Activate new channels

Your ability to self serve your knowledge directly affects your customer

When you have a CX challenge Kare has your back. Try now for free.