About Kare

We are a team of passionate CX experts with years of experience solving the most complex CX issues from Microsoft, Salesforce, Apple, Google, and Egain. With Phds from UCL, Cambridge and more. Our focus is to solve truly complex problems related to helping businesses understand customer needs through the lense of their knowledge – using our unique AI to build a platform that ensures your knowledge is kept in sync with your product, service or business, autocreating and managing dialogues in a world of high touch and hard to manage smart assistants and platforms. We know what the solution is and make it easy to deliver.

We are here to make every organisation’s information accessible and understandable to their customers.

We believe the opportunity is huge. And believe all humans are different and need to be treated that way. As a result it’s important that the information delivered to every human can be understood by the individual. That means ensuring what they are asking or what they need is clearly understood and the response given to them by your business, product or service is engineered for their individual unique understanding.

The Kare platform is patented and award winning

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