The all-in-one customer experience platform which recovers your users at any scale

Automating traffic and driving strategic business decisions. Wrap your website with Kare today.

All in one, platform that goes beyond todays market offering in terms of power, capability, simplicity and more. See immediate results increasing revenue and reducing overheads of customer queries deeper than any other platform.

Identifies where to address exit points in the user journey and what’s needed to fix them such as RPA, Knowledge, Conversations, Answers. Provides and implements them instantly.

Ask questions, get blazing fast answers across diverse data silos of any size. Documents, pdfs, websites and more.

Requiring no training, starting instantly across any domain unlike todays bot offerings.

User journey and traffic funnels mapped to specific answers in knowledge such as documents or RPA. Complete clarity on use including exit and entry points.

Smart help proactively deployed across user exit points in your user journey.

Simple easy automations, processes and workflows predicted and built

Smart dynamic conversations automatically created from your knowledge + search results, no decision trees needed.

Relentless learning and improvement of the customer experience ensuring product, business and customer behavioural changes seamlessly evolve your implementation of Tooltips, bots, and RPA to stay current.

kare is the most powerful user recovery, dialogue, automation engine.

Solving the pains associated with churning users

Product owner?

Don’t miss the last mile on your user journeys that your current tools can’t see.

Analytics owner?

Struggling with gaps in your data? See clearly how users interact with knowledge + automation.

Digital owner?

Losing customers through churn in your funnels? See how kare recovers lost users + increase revenue

Customer service owner?

Working with your hands tied behind your back? Take instant action automate and resolve customer issues + increase CSAT.

Head of ops, CEO or CTO?

Losing revenue that is on the table, while struggling with multiple tools that require costly support? See a fast increase in revenue.

Increase in revenue

Deflection Rates

User journey success

Lightning fast, end to end


Monitors all traffic + conversations in funnel. Identifies exit points.


Tracks everything, cleans + refines data. Learns fast, suggesting improvements. Continues to discover new journeys. Provides beyond Google analytics level insight to your specific knowledge, dialogue, and RPA.


Suggests entry points and actions such as Tool Tips, Automations, Dialogues, Knowledge, Guides.


Fixes broken funnels/ journeys at any scale. Connecting knowledge, answers or RPA to diaogue and tool tips in any format, tool, or channel. With smart deployment.

Kare is your all-in-one customer experience platform. See all we can do for you.

Ready Whatever Your Size

Starting Out, Growing Fast, Enterprise level we are ready for you, serving similar customers. Get in touch and we can help.

GDPR Compliant + Secure

With multiple certifications, robust privacy and security we are tried and tested with the biggest names.

Multiple Patents + Award Winning Unique Tech

Kare is 100% researched and built in-house delivering some of the worlds most advanced AI technologies for Analytics. Customer Experience, Self Service and more. With multiple patents and awards. Find out more.

Offering the most powerful and advanced combination of tools for Customer Experience

Use kare to see an immediate reduction in churn.