The world’s most advanced self service automation platform.

Kare automatically builds conversation from existing internal or customer facing knowledge, automation or just your customer questions. Providing the most accurate answers fast and on the fly for employees, customers, field teams and more.  Driving sales and resolving issues, reducing cost with clear ROI.

Enables you to know how successful self service and automation (RPA) can be for your business, products or services before you start.

AI that is fast, , quick to implement and simple to use. The results are almost immediate.

Enable customers, employees or field teams to find answers themselves with conversational self-service and automation

Effortless creation & management of conversational self-service from your knowledge or automation

Be ready to self serve in any channel.

Knowing what to automate. Know how to succeed …

Try our KNOWLEDGE AUDIT TOOL to understand how many use cases you have, your knowledge quality and gaps. Discovers your use cases, outlines the conversations, answers and automations (RPA) you need to self serve in any area of your business.

Kare is More effective by every measure.
Use it stand-alone or with your existing solution, today

No long enterprise implementations here. Kare AI integrates seamlessly with a huge number of ecosystems out of the box.

When you have a CX challenge Kare has your back.